Joining our student chapter of SHRM has many great advantages!

  • Regalia for graduation based on your point totals (listed below).
  • Networking opportunities!
  • Conferences/Trips.
  • Leadership skills and opportunities!
  • Scholarships.
  • Internship opportunities.
  • Make new friends!

Our point system:

Members are required to obtain points to receive chapter funds for lodging when participating in SHRM state and national events. (For example, all SHRM members are allowed to participate in state conference; however, those with less than 50 points will be required to pay their own lodging expenses.) BTC SHRM members also have the opportunity to receive honorary cords (regalia) at graduation. To receive these cords, members are required to obtain 100 cumulative points.

How to earn points:

  • General Membership meetings            15
  • Leadership                                             25
  • Volunteer Work                                    15
  • Executive Board (E-Board)                   35
  • Exemplary Application Program          50

To learn more about each of the above categories please see our BTC Student SHRM Chapter binder located in BTC room 2504.

How to Join the Club:

You can attend any General Membership meeting or speak to a current E-Board member or Beth Chambers if you would like to join, hope to see you soon!

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